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Well Done Nobbys Masters, 5th in point score overall out of 14 clubs

Fingal Beach Masters 16 February 2016
14 clubs attended Fingal Masters, Nobbys SLSC came 5th in points. Conditions were trying with a southern choppy swell and it was great to be able to have to negotiate decent size waves. The swim cans were pounded and ended up on the beach and the swim was sent around the board length. The iron person was cancelled due to degrading surf conditions. The men even tried their hand at the board relay with Tash as the board tender. A great day had and lots of fun, even in the rain at times. We had some great results with 1st places in the womens 40-44 board and swim, mens 40-44 1.6km run and womens 55+ 1.6km run.
  • Natasha Ryan was 1st in Boards, 1st in the Swim, 2nd in the beach sprint (40-44)
  • Mark Honnery was 2nd in the Swim, 6th in the boards, 4th in the flags (40-44)
  • Brad Thomas was 4th in the Swim, 8th in the boards (40 -44)
  • Neil Adams was 3rd in the Swim, 7th in the boards, 6th in the flags, 1st in the 1.6Km run (40-44)
  • Stephen Edwards was 3rd in the Swim, 8th in the boards, 2nd in the flags, 5th in the 1.6km run (45-49)
  • Jacquelene Doran was 3rd in the Swim, 1st in the 1.6km run (55+)
  • Natasha, Stephen, Neil and Brad were 2nd in the mixed over 170 age group Beach sprint relay
  • Mark, Brad, Stephen and Jacquelene were 2nd in the mixed over 200 age group Beach sprint relay
  • The whole lot of us in the 7 person relay with Neil running twice came 3rd.






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