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Nobbys SLSC Constitution

Nobbys SLSC Constitution provides members and the executive with the objectives of the club and guidance and rules that govern the club and its members. To view or download the 2018 Nobbys SLSC constitution please click HERE


Surf Lifesaving New South Wales Procedures

Nobbys SLSC implements  Surflifesaving NSW Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for lifesaving, training and administration. These procedures can be downloaded from Surflifesaving NSW at:

Lifesaving policy and procedures

Training policy and procedures

Administration policy and procedures

Nobbys SLSC Work Instructions

Nobbys SLSC Work Instructions (WI) have been developed by Nobbys Executive and Management Committee members. They are developed out of a need:

  • to provide clear instructions to members and provide transparency of executive decision making,
  • to ensure compliance with SLS NSW Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) lifesaving and Education and proactively demonstrate implementation;
  • to ensure all members understand Work Health & Safety; and
  • to ensure that members can comply with the current version of the Club Guide.

Figure 1 provides members with a conceptual model of how Nobbys SLSC implements generic standard operating procedures at the local level. It takes into consideration implementation guidance that the Executive or Management Committee may need to consider. Figure one illustrates the example of Nobbys ATV operation. Due to RMS Conditional Licensing requirements and Insurance requirements the SLS NSW

SOP was modified into a local Work Instruction.

Figure 1: Conceptual Model of local Implementation of SOPs

Figure 1: Conceptual Model of local Implementation of SOPs

Nobbys work instructions can be downloaded from this web site below. Checklists and information can also be observed around the club house.

The Club Guide 3.0 provides Nobbys SLSC with guidance, particularly in the development of Standard Administrative Procedures (SAPs). The Quality Club Program provides Nobbys SLSC with guidance material that needs to be implemented each year to ensure a quality club level is achieved. Nobbys SLSC achieved Bronze level accreditation in the 2012-13 season and is striving for higher levels.

 Nobbys Work Instructions

NOB_Workinstruct_2_ set up IRB use  – Setting up the IRB

NOB_Workinstruct_3_ post IRB use – Cleaning and post use of the IRB

NOB_Workinstruct_4_ ATV – Rules of Operation and use of the ATV

Club Guide

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