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Telluride Mountainfilm Festival 7 March 2017

The Telluride Mountainfilm Festival is coming to Newcastle for one night only on 7 March.
The films are an exciting mix of outdoor adventure content with hiking, climbing, slacklining, paragliding, BASE, surfing, skiing and more.

The experience of the Telluride Mountainfilm World Tour is like no other. From the heart-stopping thrill of taking on a slackline suspended between the great towers of Utah’s Castleton Valley, to the exploration of friendship and partnership through BASE jumping and watching Icelandic surfers use patience, passion and insanity to chase the rare perfect wave. Prepare to be taken on a global journey of adventure, adrenalin and a roller coaster of emotions. Don’t miss your chance to experience it for yourself at the Tower Cinemas on Tuesday 7 March:





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