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AMA (NSW) is conducting surveys on sun protection behaviour. The surveys were developed with the assistance of Surf Lifesaving NSW, and we?re hoping you can help distribute these surveys to your club?s surf lifesavers [ ] and nippers [ ] .

Surf lifesavers and nippers spend a considerable amount of time in the sun during patrols, training and competitions, and through these surveys we?d like to gauge their understanding of sun safety, as well as their sun protection habits.

Surf lifesavers play an instrumental role in keeping Australians safe on the beaches, and many look to these everyday heroes as role models. By measuring the sun habits of surf lifesavers and nippers, we hope to encourage others to protect their skin while enjoying outdoor pursuits.

Melanoma is the fourth most common cancer diagnosed in Australia, which along with New Zealand has the world’s highest incidence rate for melanoma. AMA (NSW) wants to help reduce the incidence of skin cancer in Australia through awareness and advocacy. We hope you can help us.

The surf lifesavers’ survey can be found here [ ] .

The nippers’ survey can be found here [ ] .

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