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Results 2016-17

Aussie Masters 28th March 2017 onwards


  • Christian Loades (40-44) 9th Flags
  • Karl Barclay (45-49) 4th Flags, 8th Beach Sprint

State Masters Carnival 8-9 March 2017


  • Jacqueline Doran (55-59) – Gold Medal 2km beach run, competed in sprint, 5th surf race
  • Anthony Croke (35-39) 8th 2km beach run, 6th sprint and 4th flags
  • Christian Loades (40-44) 6th sprint and 5th flags
  • Karl Barclay (45-49) 5th flags, competed in sprint
  • 170+ Relay 5th (Karl Barclay, Christian and Kyle Loades, Anthony Croke)
  • Kyle Loades – competed in sprint and flags
  • Natasha Ryan – competed in surf race and sprint








Branch Open and Masters Carnival 25 February 2017


  • Max Errington (U15) Silver Beach Sprint
  • James Myles (U17) Gold 2km Beach Run, Bronze Beach Sprint, Silver Flags, competed in board race and surf race
  • Kesley Kearns (35-39) Silver Beach Sprint, Bronze Flags, 4th Surf Race, competed in board race and ski race
  • Natasha Ryan (40-49) DQ Beach Sprint, Bronze Flags, Silver Surf Race, Bronze Board Race
  • Christian Loades (40-44) Gold Beach Sprint, DQ Masters and Opens Flags,
  • Brad Thomas (40-44) Silver Beach Sprint and Flags, 8th Surf Race, competed in board race
  • Mark Honnery (40-44) 4th in Beach Sprint and Flags, competed in board race
  • Karl Barclay (45-49) Silver in Beach Sprint, Gold in Flags
  • Jacqueline Doran (50-59) Gold 2km Beach Run, Silver in beach sprint, flags, surf race and board race

170+ Relay Gold (Karl Barclay, Christian Loades, Brad Thomas, Mark Honnery)

branch masters








Fingal Masters Carnival 21 January 2017

Nobbys SLSC came 4th in points out of 16 clubs, behind Fingal Beach SLSC, Toowoon Bay SLSC and Terrigal SLSC, a place up on 2015-16 results.


  • Jacqueline Doran (55+) 1st in 2km Run, 5th in surf race, 6th in flags, ? in beach sprint, competed in board race
  • Natasha Ryan (40-44) 1st in board race, 2nd in surf race, 1st in modified iron man (swim/board), 5th in beach sprint
  • Kesley Kearns (35-39) 3rd in ski race, 3rd in 2km run, 5th in board race, 6th in surf race, ? in modified (swim/board) iron man, 1st in beach sprint, 3rd in flags
  • Brad Thomas (40-44) competed in 2km run, 7th in board race, 1st in flags, ? in beach sprint, competed in 2km Run
  • Mark Honnery (40-44) 4th in 2km beach run, 6th in board race, 6th in flags
  • Neil Adams (45-49) 1st in 2km Run, 9th in board race, 3rd in surf swim, 6 in flags, ? in beach sprint, ? in modified (swim/board) iron man
  • Steve Edwards (45-49) 3rd in 2km Run, 10th in board race, 5th in surf swim, 1st in flags, ? in beach sprint, ? in modified (swim/board) iron man


  • Competed in Taplin Relay (Mark Honnery – board), (Kesley Kearns – ski), (Steve Edwards – Swim) – not sure of the placing
  • 2nd in male open board relay (Natasha Ryan, Kesley Kearns, Steve Edwards)
  • 3rd in male open board relay (Mark Honnery, Brad Thomas, Neil Adams)
  • 2nd in 170 beach relay (Kesley Kearns, Mark Honnery, Natasha Ryan, Steve Edwards)
  • 3rd in 170 beach relay (Steve Edwards, Jacqueline Doran, Brad Thomas, Neil Adams)
  • 4th in open relay (all of us)

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