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Results 2013-16

Nobbys Senior Club Champs
Nobbys Senior Club Champs was held on 19 March 2016. Thanks to all competitors, water safety and officials, results TBA on Senior Preso Night
State Champs Umina 2016
  • Max Errington – Silver Medal U14 beach sprint
  • Liam Joyce – 19th U9 surf race
  • Karl Barclay – 4th 45-49 flags and 9th in sprint
  • Christian Loades – 5th 40-44 flags and 8th in sprint
Branch U15s – Opens Masters 13 February Caves Beach
  • Jacob Honnery u15 – Bronze in flags and sprint, 16th in board
  • Roisin Browne u15 – 6th in the surf race, 5th in Open board rescue
  • Brittany Quinn U17 – 9th surf race, 5th in Open board rescue
  • Makenzie Quinn U17 – 10th surf race
  • Anthony Croke 35-39 – Silver in sprint relay, Bronze in Open Flags (he missed his flag event so thought he’d take on the opens)
  • Matt Quinn 40-44 – 5th flags, 7th in board and sprint
  • Christian Loades 40-44 – Gold in flags and sprint, silver in sprint relay
  • Mark Honnery 40-44 – 5th in surf race an board, 6th in sprint
  • Natasha Ryan 40-44 – Gold in surf race, board and sprints
  • Neil Adams 40-44 – Gold in 2km run, bronze in sprint, 6th in board
  • Karl Barclay 45-49 – Gold in flags, silver in sprint relay, bronze in beach sprint
  • Kyle Loades 45-49 – silver in sprint relay
  • Jordan Spencer 45-49 – Bronze in surf race and ski, 4th in board
  • Jacquelene Doran 55-59 – Gold in 2km run, sprints, flags, surf race and board


Streets Series
Round 4 – Stockton win
Round – 5 – Umina win
  • Nobbys Blue won the reserves at Stockton on 18 Jan 2016 in their first event for the series. Dave Byrnes (sweep), Mitch Ferrett (second bow), Courtney Rolff (second stroke), Will Anderson (Bow) and Isaac Matthews (stroke).

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Fingal Beach Masters 16 February 2016
14 clubs attended Fingal Masters, Nobbys SLSC came 5th in points
  • Natasha Ryan was 1st in Boards, 1st in the Swim, 2nd in the beach sprint (40-44)
  • Mark Honnery was 2nd in the Swim, 6th in the boards, 4th in the flags (40-44)
  • Brad Thomas was 4th in the Swim, 8th in the boards (40 -44)
  • Neil Adams was 3rd in the Swim, 7th in the boards, 6th in the flags, 1st in the 1.6Km run (40-44)
  • Stephen Edwards was 3rd in the Swim, 8th in the boards, 2nd in the flags, 5th in the 1.6km run (45-49)
  • Jacquelene Doran was 3rd in the Swim, 1st in the 1.6km run (55+)
  • Natasha, Stephen, Neil and Brad were 2nd in the mixed over 170 age group Beach sprint relay
  • Mark, Brad, Stephen and Jacquelene were 2nd in the mixed over 200 age group Beach sprint relay
  • The whole lot of us in the 7 person relay with Neil running twice came 3rd.
  • Iron person was cancelled due to degrading surf conditions
Fingal Beach Masters 17 February 2015
  • Karl Barclay was 1st in the flags and Mark Honnery 4th in the flags (40-44),
  • Anthony Croke  was 1st in beach sprint (35-39),
  • Karl Barclay and Natasha Ryan 2nd in Beach Sprint (40-44),
  • Kyle Loades 3rd in Beach Sprint (45-50),
  • Mark Honnery 4th in Beach Sprint,
  • The Nobbys Relay of Kyle Loades, Karl Barclay, Anthony Croke and Natasha Ryan came second (combined age 160+), this relay had to be 3 men and 1 women,
  • Natasha Ryan was 1st in the surf race (4th overall out of all the women),
  • Peta Purcell came 2nd in the surf race (35-39) in the surf ,
  • Natasha Ryan came 2nd in the boards (14th overall) and
  • Peta Purcell came 4th in the boards

Well done Nobbys came 7th or 8th overall out of 15 clubs.







SLS NSW State Titles 2013-2014 Umina

  • Gabby Loades made it to the last 7 in the U15 beach sprint but had to retire due to injury.
  •  Anthony Croke won a silver medal for the beach flags (35-39) with Trevor Marshall coming 4th
  • Kyle Loades came 6th in the beach sprint (45-49)
  • Trevor Marshall came 8th in the beach sprint (35-39)
  • Karl Barclay made the semis in the beach sprint (40-45) and
  • Kyle, Karl, Anthony and Trevor won a silver medal for the beach sprint relay in the combined age group over 140
  • Steve Brinkley and Gary Mears came 4th in the double ski (55-59)

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