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Nobbys Lifesavers Patrol Wet n Wild Nippers

Today as part of youth activities a group of SRC and Bronze lifesavers turned up at Wet n Wild at 6:30am to run Wet n Wild Nippers. We ran board races, swimming, flags, wades and a assisted in the U10 specialised first aid training at the Wet n Wild surf house. We had a great time and received very good an positive feedback from the organises in regard to our Nobbys youth interactions with the parents and nippers. The organisers imparted th…at Nobbys showed a great level of enthusiasm and proactive interaction teaching the children surf skills and water skills. The kids were very well behaved and enjoyed the park after nippers, as did the parents. Thanks Mark for organising this an all the parents for being able to wake up the kids and have them in Prospect by 6:30am

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