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Junior Development

Welcome to NOBBYS Junior Activities 2014 – 2015 season

This season we start on Sunday 21st September 2014.

All Parents and children are asked to read the information contained in the package and sign the mutual obligation form attached.

If there is any further information you would like, please do not hesitate in contacting any of the Junior Activities committee.

Junior Activities aim is to EDUCATE our children on SURF SAFETY and AWARENESS and to develop confidence and skills in and out of the water with the added bonus of having fun along the way.

Please be aware that children need to be able to swim at a proficient level, Junior Activities is NOT the place to teach children HOW TO SWIM, that is the role of swim schools, swim clubs and squad coaches.

ONLY those children who are registered financial members of Nobbys SLSC can participate in Sunday morning activities or compete at carnivals. We also require one parent per family to become a club member, so that they can be involved during activities and be able to take advantage of the clubs facilities.

Please go to Nippers page for more information.

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