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Forster Weekend of Surf 30 Sept – 1 Oct 2017

Any competitors U9 and up to opens wishing to compete in the Forster Carnival 30 Sept to 1 October 2017 please contact Natasha Ryan 0407453853 (note I will be unavailable 20 August – 3 Sept). Carnival entry is $15 for Saturday, $5 for board relay each competitor on Saturday and $15 for Sunday, water events you must have a pink rash vest.

If we compete at this carnival we will need officials to volunteer to make our quota. No officials no entries. See carnival order of events 2017 v 2.0 for details and wos carnival flyer and board relay 2017 update and whats on V2.0

Note: Children cannot attend this carnival unless they have done their carnival proficiency swim on 18 September 2017 at Coughlans.

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