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nippers carnivals

Nobbys Juniors and nippers can attend carnivals from u8 to U14. Only U9 and above can undertake water activities at carnivals. U8 can attend the wade and beach events.

During 2018-19  season Nobbys SLSC is encouraging children to attend carnivals and will start some training for interested children in board paddling, sprints, flags and relays.

To be eligible to attend carnivals nippers need to pass the following competition skills evaluation:

  • U9 – U10 – 200m pool timed swim within 6 minutes and 150m open water surf swim
  • U11 – U14 – 200m pool timed swim within 5 minutes and 288m open water surf swim

Nobbys SLSC is starting nippers earlier than in previous years in order to be prepared for the first nippers carnival.

Up to date junior carnival information can be found by clicking on the link below. This information may change regularly.

Nippers carnivals are scheduled for:

  • Saturday 14 October 2017 – Round 1 SLSC carnival U9s – U17s Caves Beach – Click caves bch carnival for carnival program
  • Sunday 12 November 2017 – Round 2 SLSC carnival U8-U17 – Swansea Belmont click 1977554 for carnival program
  • Saturday 16 December 2017 – Round 3 SLSC Carnival U8-U17- Catherine Hill Bay click 1977555for carnival program
  • Saturday 13 January 2018 – Round 4 SLSC nippers carnival U8-U17 – Redhead

Branch Carnival

  • Sunday 4 February 2018 – Branch Carnival U8-U17 – Fingal Beach

Interbranch Championships – Stockton (Selection in the HSLS team takes place at first Carnival)

  • 9-10 December 2017

State Championships 2018 – Swanea Belmont

  • Age Events 2, 3 and 4 th March 2018

Click Here to go to Carnival Entry Form. Remember if you are U14 click Juniors on the form.

Any Children interested in attending must fill in the attached form online. Once you have filled in the form and submitted it, you are liable for money. Money can be paid to the Junior Carnival  Co-ordinator at Nippers (Andrew Pitkin 0428 884 956). You will be invoiced by Nobbys SLSC if payment is not received

Junior Iron Man Series

Click 1367 NPJIP Series Circular 2017-18 for information about the junior iron man series. Click  1367 NPJIP Series Information 2017-18 for flyer for junior iron man series.

Click here for Junior Carnival Information for 2017-18


This year 2018- 19  Nobbys SLSC will be adding a one off training fee. This fee is to cover materials for board repairs and any consumables for beach training. The fee will be $35 per child.


No training organised at this stage

NOTE all children doing beach events at Carnivals have to be CARNIVAL Proficent. Go to nippers for more information.


Parents whose children attend carnivals are encouraged to assist. Nobbys needs to provide 1 official for every 10 children attending carnivals, as well as proficient Bronze Medallion holders to assist with Water Safety at carnivals. For information about the level 1 training course click Would you like to become an Officia

A  fee of around $60 will be incurred. Nobbys SLSC will discount your season registration fee for that year by that amount after two years of acting as an official for Nobbys, if you have officiated at a number of carnivals. You will need to provide evidence through your carnival book of this to the Director of Surf Sports.

A level 1 Officials Course is also being run. This will be run over two nights and allow you to officiate at senior carnivals.


If you are interested in professional nipper sport training check out the following link for the location of local training venues, coaches and costs



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