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Beach and Board Training Tues 13 Jan 2015

 Beach training is on Tuesday rain hail or shine 4pm with Anthony. Board training at 5pm may not be on due to the marine visitor and will be reassessed Tuesday after discussion with NCC lif…eguards an organisers. Please still come in as I would like to do a little training for the March Past that we need to do for Branch Carnival. See youtube clip below for a snip. We have a junior reel. Also bring goggles in case we go for a swim at the pool and throw your arm over. All the clubs did this last year apart from Nobbys so I want to have the kiddies join in this year. Any more senior members who would like to help me teach the kids let me know 0407 453853 ps: my phone is at work tonight so I wont be contactable immediately
Natasha Ryan Junior Carnival Co-ordinator

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