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2018/19 Club Presentation Night

2018/19 Club Presentation Night

From kissing babies to skulling beers, we all LOVE our politicians right so why not dress up like them for our 2019 Senior Presentation Night?

All patrolling members and families are invited to celebrate another year of service & to acknowledge outstanding contributions to the club and community.

Struggling for inspiration? Fear not, the ‘distinguished’ list below should get the creatives ideas flowing in no time –
Donald Trump, Margaret Thatcher, John Howard, Pauline Hanson, Barrack Obama, George Washington, Fidel Castro, Bronwyn Bishop, Bob Hawke, Harold Holt, Julie Bishop, Julius Cesear, Tony Abbott, Julia Gillard, Christopher Piiiiiiinnnnnneeeee, Jacqui Onassis, Barnaby Joyce, the list is endless…

Doors open at 5.00pm with awards kicking off at 6.00pm.

PATROL CAPTAINS- please help spread the word by contacting your patrolling members personally & inviting them all to celebrate!!!

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